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Travel Boxes


Wedding travel Box

Bradgate Brides have two sizes of Travel boxes for travelling abroad. A member of staff will carefully pack your wedding gown for you and can usually add your chosen accessories depending on the weight and size of your gown. You can then carry this onto the aircraft and ensure your treasured gown does not leave your side but stays within reach in the cabin. You may choose to keep the box for long term storage after your wedding. Prices are from £60 to £85 including packing. NOTE* We would be happy to box your gown for you if you have not purchased a gown from us as long as we have notice. Boxes are also available at a lesser cost if you wish to pack yourself.

Cleaning & Long-Term Storage

box4We advise our brides to have their dress cleaned as soon as possible after use. Cleaning removes stains that may not be visible now but may show later on, and also the cleaning fluid can be an insect deterrent. We can give you a quotation without any obligation. Just drop off your gown to us when you are ready. We will then obtain a quote, but will only go ahead once we have confirmed it with you. Costs are around £95 for gowns up to £1,200.

Store your gown away from light, heat and damp. Store it in a warm, dry spare room that has no history of damp or insects – we don’t advise you keep your dress in the attic!

Always store in a pH neutral medium and pack with acid-free paper in an acid-free box (acid-free tissue will become acidic if not kept in an acid-free box.) For adequate protection, a storage box should be sturdy enough to protect from accident, eliminate light, and should be breathable (i.e. not plastic) and pH neutral (i.e. contain no acid or alkaline). Avoid storage boxes that are flat-packed (which do not provide sufficient protection), boxes with a ‘window’ that lets light in, and boxes with metal staples that may rust. Our storage boxes are approximately £70. We highly recommend  you get your gown cleaned and boxed for long-term storage.

Once packed away, check the dress every 6 months to ensure nothing untoward has happened to it, and re-pack it once a year to prevent any creases becoming too permanent.