Frequently Asked Questions – COVID 19

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any persons other than the bride plus TWO special guests at this time. However, we recommend that you bring your phone or a tablet, to Zoom/Whatsapp/Facetime other important guests that are unable to attend your appointment.

What Underwear/Shoes Should I Wear?

Our own changing room shoes are no longer available for use currently. Feel free to bring a pair of your own but no sharp heels please!

How Many Guests Can I Bring?

Please at this time – only TWO guests are permitted from your chosen ‘safe social bubbles.’

When Do I Pay For My Wedding Dress?

  • Currently, we prefer a BACS transfer. If this is not possible, a credit or debit card payment will suffice. For a BACS payment, you may need your card reader or means of your bank security check before your deposit can be made to secure your bridal contract/order.
  • Bradgate Brides have thoroughly cleansed our salon and all communal areas. The main bridal suite has been re-floored and repainted.
  • On arrival, you will enter the downstairs lobby where your temperature will be taken by means of a handheld contactless thermometer.
  • You will be politely asked to wash your hands and a bottle of complimentary hand sanitiser will be given to you. You will then be shown upstairs to our wonderful bridal or sample suites.
  • Your designated stylist will then suggest gowns for you to try, as you will not be able to pull out the gowns for yourself. Your stylist is there to do all the hard work for you!
  • Whilst dressing you, a visor will be worn by our team but it is entirely up to yourself if you wish to wear your own face covering. Once your gown is on, our stylist may remove her own visor for ease of chatting to you and your guests, from a safe distance. During Saturdays, our junior will be assisting and will wear her own visor and gloves at all times. We are unable to serve refreshments currently, but feel free to bring your own bottled water or if you’d like to celebrate in style, Bradgate Brides would be happy to provide champagne flutes for your own bubbles! Just let us know before your appointment to ensure they are ready for your use.
  • After each gown is removed, it will be placed aside for steam cleaning for any further try ons
  • We do have toilets available for our guests with detox and sanitiser to use on the flush/taps and handles.
  • On leaving the salon and in readiness for future clients, all bannisters, door handles and seat arms will be thoroughly sanitised in accordance with current recommendations.

Bradgate Brides will always keep up to date re latest COVID advice, whilst doing our utmost to ensure our salon remains user friendly, but still has the luxurious feel and welcome that our bride’s desire and deserve.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bradgate Brides.